The beekeeper

My name is Stan. I am a fourth-generation beekeeper keeping bees in Finland. My bee company’s name is Stanin Hani.

Throughout my life, I gained knowledge and experience with active beekeeping in four European countries at the countryside as well as in urban areas.

I learnt the basics from my grandfather, father, uncle and university professors in the former Czechoslovakia, later the Czech Republic, where beekeeping is still deeply rooted in the society and its traditions.

I got a deep experience of professional beekeeping in Western France while working on a bee farm with pollination services and commercial honey production for a cooperative.

After a period of professional carrier in Brussels, where I defended the interests of inter alia European farmers and beekeepers and where I followed a new beekeeping training too, I settled down in Finland nine years ago. Not only beekeeping in Finland is possible as a hobby, it can also become a viable source of income for a professional.


All beekeeping is local, but also increasingly interconnected. Beekeeping is social and may be even a way of life. That’s why it is important for me to stay engaged with other colleagues beekeepers at home and internationally.

A sustainable beekeeping in current Europe and Finland would not be possible without agriculture and forestry. That’s why I cooperate vividly with front-runner farmers and growers at all scale of activity in varied environments.


I strive to practice a sustainable model of beekeeping, environmentally, economically and socially. My ambition is to run the most sustainable beekeeping operation in Finland. With measurable progress.