Adopt a beehive

Stanin Hani offers you a unique opportunity to adopt a honeybee colony at the Lillklobb apiary located in the city of Espoo, Finland.

Honeybees have been kept at Lillklobb for many years. It is a perfect location to observe sustainable beekeeping and family farming in action!


Adopting a beehive provides you with a premium, local, traceable and sustainably sourced food, whose production supports nature and humans.



When you adopt a hive, you will:

Protect pollinators

  • Make a positive contribution to address pollinators' decline and crop pollination locally by helping one of the key insects on our planet.
  • Preserve local honeybees by contributing to safe sanctuaries where they can live, feed and produce healthy colonies, honey and other bee products.

Support a local food producer

  • Help the local beekeeper to support his family's living.

Learn more about beekeeping

  • Get an insight into the world of beekeeping and support the future of this vital human activity.

Eat better

  • Enjoy the flavour and health benefits of an award-winning premium honey with a full traceability to the hive. Honey from Lillklobb has been awarded an international prize for its outstanding quality in 2019.

Promote sustainability

  • Support the reintroduction and use of traditional, natural beekeeping methods such as leaving enough honey for the bees to get over the long winter season with their own food.
  • Support sustainable forms of farming and landscape management as the adopted honeybee colonies are located at a farm using environment-friendly management practices.
  • Assist mentoring of new beekeepers and the establishment of more bee sanctuaries in the area of Southern Finland, including in the Finnish archipelago.